About Kikuriki: My art indeed, I don't do commisions. Rp profile below, I'm still getting used to it so don't expect long ass paragraphs of doom please. Also no cyber. Ever. At all. It's mostly casual to describe things anyway. Name: Lucius Palifer Age: 17 Gender: biologically female, don't particularly care and will respond to any S.O.: asexual Height: 5'8 Weight: 137 lbs Personality: Vaguely apathetic, somewhat absent, very awkward at times Abilities or habits: Crystal growing and misdirection teleporting (shadow moving? Idk how to describe it properly.)

As the sun begins to settle
Times are gently swaying in the wind
Fading softly into silence
I hold you in my arms
And I start to breath you in
All the tears we cried in ecstacy
All the fiery talk of destiny
All the love that brought you next to me
So let the feelings that we've sown begin to grow
And the days and nights will blossom through a new tomorrow
Should memories pass us by,
I swear I'll never let go
You planted hope inside my heart
And showed the way
And until I find the best way of giving thanks
Here's a simple "I love you" from me to you! ¬ ^ ¬ blargh... no one will chat with me...